Pigment set
Pigment set
Pigment set
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Pigment set

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Skull Pigment Set

There are seven diverse neon pigments in this set, and all are UV reflective. They each come in 15ml glass skull bottles with roughly 10g of product. totaling roughly 70g of product total!


  1. Apply wet base
  2. Pack on color
  3. Blend until you're satisfied. 

You can create a liquid liner with these pigments by simply pouring pigment on to the cap and mixing in a tad bit of water until desired consistency. 

Cruelty-Free and Vegan!



Melamine Resin, Solvent yellow 114 (47020), Pigment Green 7 (74260), Copper phthalocyanine (74160), Basic Violet, Basic Red (45161)


It is recommended to do a patch test. Pigments have not been approved by the FDA for the eyes and the lips. However, they have been approved in the UK and EU. Therefore, use at your own discretion. Our customers are responsible for proper usage in his/her application. We are not responsible for unsafe or improper usage.